Additive Manufacturing Production Application Initiative 2014 3D Printing Event Workshop New York

Additive Manufacturing Production Application Initiative 2014
August 27-28 | Pre-Event Workshop August 26 | New York

The Additive Manufacturing Production Application Initiative will deliver innovative, real life application case studies to validate 3D Printing as a production strategy by assessing how the costs, product quality & scalability of additive manufacturing compare to traditional methods.

With a unique challenge-solution structure, AMPA will gather experts from a cross section of industries to present and debate real life application case studies, test results and business cases in a highly interactive setting.

Hopefully you have been keeping up to date with the summit as it has developed and have seen how your insight and views have been included.

Topics Include:

MATERIAL AVAILABILITY AND COST: Assessing the volume availability of key materials to determine the long term sustainability of supply and the scope of additive manufacturing applications

MATERIAL SCIENCE AND PERFORMANCE PARAMETERS: Using case studies to determine the performance properties, cost feasibility and standardization capabilities of 3D printing materials

MACHINE CAPABILITIES AND LIMITATIONS: Examining the latest technological advances that are helping justify the business case for 3D printing and how capabilities compare to traditional manufacturing methods

HOW TO DESIGN FOR 3D PRINTING: Adapting design approaches to a 3D printed world – assessing the game changing design rules, techniques and limitations of additive manufacturing

SHOWCASING REAL LIFE INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS: Presenting and analyzing test results to speed up the learning curve and gain perspective on the long-term commercial benefits of additive manufacturing

Expert Line-Up Includes:

– Ralph Resnick, President & Executive Director / Founding Director, NCDMM / America Makes
– Gerd Manz, VP, Technology Innovation, adidas Group
– Brett Lyons, Material & Process Research Engineer, Boeing Research and Technology
– Anjan Contractor, Senior Engineer, Systems & Materials Research Corporation (for NASA)
– Dan Dempsey, Additive Manufacturing Engineer, New Balance Athletic Shoes
– Dan Campbell, Program Manager, Aurora Flight Sciences
– Francis Bitonti, President & Founding Director, Francis Bitonti Studio
– Fardees Rezvani, President & CEO, Rezvani Motors, RAD
– Dr. Lionel T. Dean, Founder & Creative Director, FutureFactories
– Allegra West, Project Manager, Local Motors
– Pete Stephens, Director of Program Management, Local Motors
– Louis Rondeau, Director of Product Development, Confluence Watersports
– Josh Jacobson, Co-Founder & CEO, Viktorian Guitars
– Stewart Davis, Director of Operations, CRP USA
– David B. Saint John, Postdoctoral Researcher, Penn State University

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