Association of 3D Printing

The Association of 3D Printing

3D Printing is the commonly used name for Additive Manufacturing. In a sentence, 3D Printing turns a blueprint into a product. More and more individuals can “print” an object on their own machines. The recent hype and press about 3D Printing has to do with lower costs of machines and supplies, rapid adoption by non-traditional manufacturing, and many new applications being discovered daily.

The Association of 3D Printing is here to make sense of this “new” industry.

The Association of 3D Printing is the Voice of the 3D Printing Industry. We are a team of executives who saw the need for the 3D Printing Industry to have its own voice. We are a conglomeration of marketing, web, public relations, general management and finance executives, all with trade association experience. We work with manufacturers, 3D Printing companies, “makers,” designers, governments, Universities and service providers who wish to get involved and be known in our industry.

We represent the 3D Printing Industry in your local community as well as nationally and abroad.

The Association of 3D Printing is the premier organization that provides a voice to its constituents in the 3D Printing Industry.

Contact the Association of 3D Printing us to find out about membership and member benefits.

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